Hot Plate Liner


The BBQ Buddy Hot Plate Liner provides a food-safe, non-stick protective layer between your food and barbecue plates.

This liner is incredibly versatile and is large enough to fit all hot plates, but can also be trimmed to size for any smaller models.


Handy tips:

Take one on your next trip outdoors! Safe and hygienic to use, it’s perfect for public barbecues, picnics and camping.

Place it the bottom of your oven or in your baking tray for less mess when cooking in the kitchen.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Large size - measures 48.5 x 40cm
  • Easy to trim, custom fit to your barbecue
  • Safe and hygienic to use
  • Ideal for public barbecues, picnics and camping

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