How to Clean your BBQ

Maintaining your barbecue is very important. Cleaning your grill and hot plates regularly will reduce the build-up of grease and residue, reducing flare-ups and preventing food from sticking to the surface.

Each time after using your BBQ, burn off all remaining grease and ensure you clean the surface. For hot plates, use a scraper, a scrubber or BBQ wipes to help remove grease and built up grime. For grills, use a grill rake or grill brush to thoroughly clean between the grates and to clean those hard to reach corners.

Stronghold technology has been introduced to the range of BBQ Buddy grill brushes with safety in mind.

IMPORTANT: Always check your BBQ grill plate and cooking surface for any bristles that may have come loose during use and ensure that cooking surfaces are free of any bristles or other debris prior to cooking.

For optimum performance and safety it’s recommended that you replace your grill brush on a regular basis. Replace your grill brush if the bristles are worn down, rusted or clogged up with grease. Ensure to check the grill brush often for any loose bristles that may come dislodged during use. Alternatively, use the BBQ Buddy Palmyra Brush, a safer and natural way to clean your BBQ!

Tip: When cleaning your BBQ, also ensure you check and replace the fat absorber in the drip tray regularly.

For a deeper clean and to restore your BBQ grills and hot plates, use a BBQ Buddy grill block.

Manufactured from 100% recycled glass, the BBQ Buddy Grill Block is ecologically friendly and non-toxic. The grill block can be used to clean and restore BBQ surfaces and is safe to use on stainless steel grill racks and cast iron hot plate surfaces. The block moulds itself to your BBQ grill removing built up grime and grease left in between the grill bars.

To protect the outside of the BBQ from the elements, consider purchasing a BBQ Buddy BBQ cover. This will keep the outside surface nice and clean.

Tip: At least once a year you should also look at the internal parts of your BBQ and give it a thorough clean.

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