3V Battery Rotisserie Kit


The BBQ Buddy Battery Rotisserie Kit is ideal for roasting various types of meat including chicken, pork, and beef.

Featuring two heavy duty rotisserie prongs and a rated workload of 4KG, your cook will be kept securely in place. This rotisserie is suitable for most 2-6 burner barbecues and may be operated even when electricity isn’t available.


Handy Tips:

This rotisserie has been designed to hold many types of meat and work on most barbecues.


  • 3V battery powered motor
  • Rated working load of 4kgs
  • 2 heavy duty rotisserie prongs to secure meat into place
  • Includes all motor, spit rods, instructions, and mounting hardware
  • Suits most 2-6 burner barbecues

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